Innovation – Research & Development Projects

MPP Project – Persistent Track Monitoring

Research and development of a non-intrusive Persistent Track Monitoring system, focus on an innovative airport runway monitoring and analysis solution in adverse weather conditions.

SI “Qualification and Internationalization” Project

This project´s aim was to support internationalization efforts and entry into new markets abroad.

FIOFM Project

The main objectives of the project were the development of products complementary to TECMIC’s offer, in the areas of fleet management, means and incidents and associated services. A new embedded solution was obtained (integrated with the central information processing tools) that interconnects several modules and products with new features that distinguish TECMIC’s offer in relation to the competition.

Restrict to Plan Project

The Project goal is to provide a new fully automated, planning and managing tool for passenger transportation networks, that has the ability to combine, both in planning and management process, the services, vehicles and staff scheduling information.

Fleet Management Dashboard Project

The fleet Management Dashboard – Spatial Analysis Project (DGF-AE) created a web service infrastructure for supplying data on road traffic incidents to the goods haulage sector, with a focus on the routes used by the majority of Transportes Luís Simões, S.A’S vehicles. As one of the principal road haulage operators within the Iberian market, their contribution and validation of the system’s objectives was very useful to the development of the system.

SODSAT Project

TECMIC is a partner of SODSAT, an European R&D project whose main objective is to increase the competitiveness of turt grass producers by providing a novel remote intelligent turf management system by means of Artificial Intelligence and Satellite imaging.

Optimizing includes reducing water consumption and effects of fungi, weeds and insects.

More information SODSAT Project

Safe Luggage Project

The aim of this project was to develop an innovative solution for improving the security of travel baggage, providing a method for identifying and tracking luggage items at any point across the globe. Tecmic was responsible for the development of the luggage management, control and monitoring component.

SAFER Project– System for Advanced Field Emergency Operations

The aim of this project was the development of an information system for use by the Civil Protection services, for managing their operational activities in emergency situations.

SATER Project – Virtual Tolling System

The aim of this project was the design and development of a Virtual Tolling system, eliminating the need for conventional transponders and associated fixed infrastructures. A special On-Board unit was developed capable of continuously identifying the vehicle’s location and communicating with a central back-office system for calculating tolling costs.

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