Route Optimization

Choose the most efficient alternative for each task with the fleet and teams

Route optimization consists of applying complex formulas covering a wide range of priorities and variables, which have an impact on customer satisfaction and the profitability of the operations that are carried out.

In addition to finding the shortest distance between two points, we want to find the way more efficiently, taking into account the time constraints and the real conditions of the operation.

The Route Optimization Module, developed by Tecmic, allows the creation of different scenarios to choose the best and most efficient alternative for the execution of tasks with the fleet and teams.

Some features

  • Calculation of the optimized route of vehicles to the service location
  • Organizes the nearest vehicles and displays distances to the location
  • Shows the routes of each vehicle with different associated colors
  • Allows you to select vehicles of a certain type to calculate the service


  • Productivity increase
  • Reduction of miles traveled and costs with deviations
  • Schedules compliance


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