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Operational intelligence in the profitability of your fleet

PROFISSIONAL FLEET MANAGEMENT Optimization of processes and resources, which result in cost reduction and consequent productivity gains proven by our success cases

Offer better customer service, with more immediate information, and at the same time strictly cost control.


XTraN is the professional Tecmic fleet management solution.

XTraN combines the most powerful and reliable equipment installed in vehicles, the most modern GPS location and communication techniques and the most complete management software, offering the most complete solution for the professional management of employees and vehicles in any activity sector.

XTraN is the fleet and service management solution chosen by those who seek:

  • Professional management of fleet and workers
  • Total integration with their IT systems
  • High-performance customised systems
  • Personalized functions through custom developments
  • Management of services and teams finely-tuned to your specific business sector

XTraN in real-time, what are the advantages for companies?

Proven 20% improvement in fuel economy.

Whenever one carries out an in-depth analysis of one’s activity, weak points are discovered which need to be addressed. XTraN provides managers with the necessary tools for performing this analysis and based on this, improving their operational efficiency.

Doing more with the same number of people is possible once the potentials of all involved are maximised. You will be able to carry out a greater range of activities with the same number of employees, leading to productivity gains essential to a company’s success.

Vehicle tracking and the alarm module allow for greater safety of drivers, fleet, equipment and cargo.

All information of interest collected from the fleet flows through XTraN, eliminating the need for voice communications. All data and messages exchanged are archived within the system for later offline analysis.

Other solutions Tecmic for Fleet Management

Online fleet management – the simplest, most secure and best value for money solution.

Our application allows your entire fleet´s activity to be monitored through the generation of various types of performance reports, alarm alerts and simple to use but highly detailed maps, resulting in a comprehensive range of advantages to the customer, such us:

  • Great ease to use;
  • Information can be accessed from any web browser;
  • All information is received in real time with fixed costs;
  • No system maintenance costs;
  • Integration with your existing IT systems through webservices;
  • Compilation and exporting of performance reports;
  • Real-time tracking of all vehicles and services.

On-line vehicle tracking – simple monitoring, easy to use.

iZiGps is a vehicle tracking system aimed at users looking for a simple-to-use tool for monitoring their out-of-doors resources.

It provides corporate or individual users with a simple and fast method for tracking their vehicles together with vehicle operational status.

Find out how this Tecmic solution benefits your business!


Professional fleet management systems for any enterprise

  • Todas as Soluções
  • Costs and Maintenance
  • Drivers and Driving
  • Efficient Fleet Management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fleet Security
  • Mobility, Team Management


Equipment and Functionalities

Our systems feature a wide variety of units which allow you to scale your solution as necessary to fit your exact needs. At Tecmic we are specialists in the implementation of a wide variety of vehicle options.

We have the right solution for you!

Trailer Control (Door opening sensor)
Temperature sensor
On-board computer / Dispatch and Navigation console / Membrane console / PDA terminals
Identification key / Panic button / Alarm pedal

On-board equipment

Tecmic has designed an on-board processing unit, capable of recording positioning, event alarms and featuring a number of inputs and outputs for connection to vehicle sensors.

XTraN equipment provides total data security. It features sufficient memory allowing all relevant data to be temporally recorded and later transmitted to the control centre in a single burst should a communication link fail. Tecmic produces a diverse range of on-board computers.

Tecmic produces a diverse range of on-board computers.
Check out the features most suited to the needs of your fleet!


Dispatch and Navigation Console

Featuring a 7″ colour touchscreen with direct access keys for management fuctions, this unit integrates activity management and navigation functions, aimed at professional use. It is the ideal solution for operations where constant information to the driver is of vital importance.

The definition of various types of routine service actions directly related to a fleet  operator´s activity permits accumulated time savings when used on a daily basis.

Templates, featuring data common to the majority of operations carried out speed up service execution. At the moment of execution, fields may be added or changed as required.

Key Functionality

  • Reception of service orders and automatic route guidance to destination;
  • Real-time monitoring of service status;
  • Record of activities carried out;
  • Various route option choices (for example avoiding toll roads);
  • Identification of type of road travelled;
  • Management of teams on duty;
  • Sending and receiving of messages;
  • Status of activities and services.

Keypad Console

Our console for supporting a driver´s activity has been developed based on our many years of experience in this sector.

Featuring a full character keyboard together with additional  function-specific keys, it is simple and intuitive to use. It is robustly constructed and may be mounted on the vehicle dash or anywhere convenient by means of an appropriate bracket.

The driver console forms the user interface to the system, it allows the reception of service orders and recording of all activities carried out in the field, for transmission to the control centre.

The console allows information generated and managed on other existing platforms (such as ERP, Planning, Monitoring and Notification of customers) to be extend to the control of  goods delivered and collected, from warehouse to customer site, with notification events along the way.

Key Fuctionality

  • Start and End of Activity (with driver identification);
  • Sending and receiving of predefined or free text messages;
  • Start/Terminate voice calls (hands-free kit options);
  • Changing of operational state;
  • Changing of driver;
  • Indication of reason for stoppage: refueling with recording of quantity, traffic, toll, mealtime, police stop, breakdown;
  • Record of driver´s status: on duty, driving, rest;
  • Automatic transmission of anomalies;
  • Alarm events: speeding, excessive stoppage or driving time; excessive trailer temperature;
  • Coupling and uncoupling of the trailer;

PDA terminal

This terminal provides a portable solution with the following features: barcode reading, GPRS communication, electronic signature collection, camera (for document copying), GPS receiver with navigation software and connection to a printer.

The possession of an XTraN Mobile license permits the complete integration of your original service data with that collected during service execution.

Key Functionality

  • Reception of service orders;
  • Sending and receiving of text messages;
  • Start of activity, with driver/operator login;
  • Start of journey, with the full complement of planned services;
  • Reorganisation of journey (alteration of sequences of services);
  • Route guidance to next service point;
  • Look-up of service details;
  • Notification of arrival at service destination;
  • Identification of tasks to be carried out;
  • Notification of end of service;
  • Location of teams closest to a site;
  • Initiation of an incident;
  • Justification of excessive stoppage times;
  • Indication of reasons for stoppages: mealtime, police stop, traffic, breakdown;
  • End of activity;
  • Looking up of a position;
  • Route guidance for a particular location (coordinate, landmark, address);



EasyCan allows data to be read from the vehicles Can-Bus. The following data may be obtained, among others:

  • Distance travelled;
  • Acelerator pedal actions;
  • Break pedal actions;
  • Excessive engine RPM;
  • Time in motion;
  • Time spent above max. permitted speed;
  • Ignition on time;
  • Fuel tank level;
  • Fuel consumption.


  • The system can be adapted to any type of heavy goods vehicle;
  • State -of-the-art technology for reading vehicle data;
  • Secure and reliable reading of Can-Bus data;
  • Simple and quick installation.

Trailer Control

This solution allows trailer door opening events to be recorded, together with date, time and vehicle location. This information is transmitted to the control centre the instant an event occurs.

Temperature Sensor

The transport of perishable goods requires that a suitable temperature be maintained in order to guarantee that they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. This option provides you with complete control over temperature, ensuring that mandatory conditions of transport are adhered to.

Ensure the satisfaction of your customers, guaranteeing delivery in the best possible condition. Should a problem arise, a detailed report of temperature of the goods during transport can be generated for confirming whether this is the cause of the problem.

Driver identification Key

A record is kept every time a driver registers himself with the system, by means of a touch memory key.

The key is kept with the driver and is read by an on-board reader.

Power take-off sensor

The power take-off sensor indicates whenever a specific mechanical vehicle system, such as a mechanical arm, is started or stopped. The control centre will therefore be duly informed of where and when the unit was used and for how long.

The power take-off sensor can be applied to a variety of specialized vehicles such as those for waste collection or cement mixers, allowing complete control over their usage, with report generation when required.

Alarm Pedal

Improves the safety of the driver, allowing a silent alarm to be discreetly sent in emergency or danger situations.

“Invisibility button”

Allows the vehicle to be used for private purposes outside working hours without being tracked. It is normally installed in a hidden, but easy to reach location.

Digital Tachograph connection

It allows remote downloading of data from digital tachographs installed on trucks from any location.

Fuel antitheft

Composed of an inviolable tampon that allows an immediate deterrence with built-in alarm and real-time warnings.

Antitheft Batteries

If an intrusion attempt is detected, an alert will be sent to the person responsible. The wiring is protected by the battery cover opening alarm.

Interior of vehicles protection with alarm

Alarm activated by the door opening, glass intrusion, or movements in the passenger compartment with a warning.

Mobile Printer

With the mobile printer installed in your fleet you get high-quality direct thermal printing, print any document in PDF format at a fast speed, reduce administrative costs, standardize processes, reduce errors and avoid additional travel for collection/delivery of documentation.

Your team will have the ability to print documentation relevant to your activity wherever they are.

Fleet Monitoring

Achieve an overview of the location and routes traveled by selected vehicles as necessary, improving safety as well as the quality of service to your customers. Spatial analysis allows the fleet operator to locate selected vehicles, determine last transmission times, instantaneous speeds, headings, and a description of their current locations.
Management of drivers


Our systems are designed to ease the workload of vehicle crews, integrating them into the company’s IT system, as if they were physically present at company offices. Additionally, they facilitate communication with work colleagues and allow for improved recording of services carried out.
Control of operating zones Vehicle security is of paramount importance. XTraN allows you to define zones of special interest, causing the system to generate alerts whenever a vehicle enters or exits such a zone.
Management of visits to sites  Provide your customers with timely information on the service provided. XTraN allows you to look up past visits to their site, helping you respond effectively to any specific queries.
Vehicle maintenance Stay informed of the maintenance needs of your fleet, with scheduling based on vehicle usage, operating times, kilometers traveled or at fixed intervals.
Dashboard  – fleet information display panel XTraN dashboards provide you with complete fleet and service information.
Fleet management Analyze in a simple and intuitive fashion whether planned schedules are being adhered to or whether deviations are evident. Key reference points on the map are used as the basis for data processing which can alert the fleet manager to any deviations from expected performance.


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