Transport Management

Get full control of your transport performance and costs

  • Drastic reduction of empty runs and empty kilometers
  • Route deviation notifications of control points
  • Accurate information for your customers with just a click


What is the Transport Management Module?

Is an online computer application specially designed by Tecmic for transport companies that want to have an easy to use and implement a solution that allows them to have total control of costs and the execution of transport.

It allows to create and manage, in a graphic and intuitive way, all the services associated with the transport of an order and to carry out the monitoring of all transports in an integrated manner, with the possibility of services that are subcontracted.

The responsible person will be notified at any time of delays in the planned execution, control of execution points, and estimated arrival times in order to be able to inform his customers, quickly and comfortably, about the combined deliveries and collections.

Planning optimization

  • Management of customers and points of delivery on the same platform
  • Registration of orders with georeferencing
  • Division of Orders in Internal and External Services
  • Travel optimization with graph and map support
  • Definition of staging points and delivery notes
  • Consult of estimated arrival times
  • Optimization of planning and shipping

Support for quick and effective decision

  • Geographic location of orders, customers and locations
  • Visualization of routes to take
  • Time constraints alert
  • Consultation of stocks on vehicles
  • More efficient vehicle and travel management
  • Availability search by proximity to location and dates


  • Increase control of transport performance
  • Dramatically reduce empty kilometres
  • Improve punctuality
  • Transport tracking and location
  • Route delay and deviation notifications
  • Accurate information for customers


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