Car Pool Management

Ensures more efficient vehicle pool management

What is the CarPool Management Module?

It is an online computer application that guarantees a more efficient vehicle pool management since the entire requisition process, allocation of the vehicle to the reservation, access and damages communication, are done completely automatically by users.

Some Features

  • Check availability, allocate a vehicle and make the reservation, with mandatory data.
  • The Pool Manager assigns the reservation to the chosen vehicle; if the vehicle has no correspondence (skills) of the requested type or is not available, the Manager is alerted with visual signs for this situation.
  • It allows having an integrated view of the needs versus availability (you can even see the current location of each vehicle) in order to give all the information for the decision to allocate the vehicle to the reservation.
  • Automatic sending of notification to the Requester.


  • Reduction in the number of vehicles in the fleet
  • Easy and intuitive use of booking and allocation
  • Cost reduction


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  • Costs and Maintenance
  • Drivers and Driving
  • Efficient Fleet Management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fleet Security
  • Mobility, Team Management
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