Video surveillance system (CCTV) on buses

Passenger safety is a matter of supreme interest to all public transport authorities. With this in mind Tecmic presents the BusDVR module, consisting of a modern VSS solution with several video surveillance cameras per bus.

The system uses the latest technology to meet the complex environment that involves obtaining high quality images in a mobile environment. To this end, the BusDVR system was specially designed for vehicles with high standards of stability, construction and earthquake-proof design, capable of handling the normal vibrations of the bus, resistant to weather conditions and providing high quality images via compression format.

Some features

  • Real-time information within the operating fleet
  • Several days´recording history with high recording capacity;
  • High resolution video to obtain clear images of occurrences;
  • Possibility to use SD card DVR for increasing usability;
  • Day and night vision
  • Video recording with manual support, time recording, alarm recording, over-write when the disc is full, alarm recording protection
  • Basic features like: Support play, pause, fame, slow play, fast forward, fast rewind, etc.


  • Increased safety on board;
  • Protection of the driver, passenger and business assets;
  • Provide evidence in case of vandalism, theft, damage, etc.;
  • Helping to resolve disputes between passengers and employees;
  • Trigger mechanisms for emergency scenarios;
  • Monitoring of violations committed by the driver´s driving;
  • Monitoring of fraud and unauthorized entries aboard;


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