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Integrated Platform for Waste Collection

WASTE COLLECTION AND URBAN MANAGEMENT A technologically advanced system, which integrates the planning of the collection needs of containers and other cleaning services with the management of teams and vehicles that carry out the tasks. ASK FOR A QUOTE  

Our waste management systems remotely control collection operations, containers, vehicles, and equipment effectively.

  • Reduce collection fleet costs
  • Optimize planning
  • Collect more waste and increase revenue
  • Ensure that routes have been completed
  • Perform incident handling
  • Refer to compliance with routes and places visited
  • Record the status of the containers

Ecogest is a highly specialised solution developed entirely by Tecmic.

  • Modular solution – allows a gradual roll-out
  • Access to data via an  online platform or  proprietary application
  • Robusto equipment
  • Possibility of total integration with Tecmic’s waste collection fleet management system

Technological solutions that improve the management of entities responsible for waste collection

Multi-container – Suitable for collecting refused oil, paper, glass, plastics, and packaging, it has the advantage of optimizing the investment needed for points of collection with several containers.

Multiple components – The system is composed of one or more components and is scalable according to the needs.

  • EcoGest: composed of equipment and software for measuring the level of filling of containers and managing the actual collection needs.
  • EcoTrend: forecast of the filling rate of waste containers. Application to estimate the filling rate in containers not installed with Ecogest system for measuring the actual filling level.
  • EcoPlan: an intelligent system for planning and transporting services, optimizing circuits.
  • XTraN-waste: professional fleet management solution responsible for waste collection and cleaning services.
  • EcoDriver: application for implementing efficient driving programs for truck drivers. It allows the reduction of fuel costs resulting from the type of driving.
  • EcoPortal: citizen information portal that shows the location of containers in the municipality, as well as the actual filling level. Allows to enter collection requests and consult about available services.

Total control of the execution of waste collection services

On route and visited

On route and not visited

Off-route visit


A solution of significant public interest with the following key features:

  • Provides real-time data at the control centre for planning smart and efficient collection of recyclables
  • Improved service to the public
  • Optimisation of collection routes
  • Reduced waste collection process costs
  • Can provide a cost/benefit analysis of the various solutions installed in other cities

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Implementação ajustável ao modelo do seu negócio


Intelligent filling level forecasting system for bins


Support for waste collection planning based on real information of bins obtained by Ecogest and/or expected from Ecotrend

XTraN Waste Collection

Fleet management for the collection, planning, dispatch and monitoring of services

Technical characteristics

Equipment and Functionalities

Ecogest consists of monitoring units installed within waste collection bins, which transmit automatically to the control centre information on each bin’s fill level. Alarms are generated automatically whenever a level is reached which requires emptying of the bin.

Container monitoring
Mechanical switch sensor
Door opening sensors
Embedded computer, Driver console
Weight sensor
Energy Efficiency Unit

Ecogest’s robustness, durability and versatility make it your ideal long-term choice for measuring the fill levels of your recycling point infrastructure!

Entry-level configuration

Ecogest units may be installed in any type of recycling point, each unit containing a set of batteries capable of lasting for over 4 years.

Each unit comprises a battery power supply, communications module, control unit, and short range radio module for receiving data from measuring units in other co-located recycling bins.


Administration and management of bins

  • Indicates the number of bins at each recycling point
  • Nature of the contents of each bin
  • Groupings of bins and recycling points by geographical collection areas
  • Indication of the battery status of each monitoring unit
  • Nature of measurement (statistical) or from Ecogest unit.

GIS Platform

  • The system includes a complete GIS platform showing all recycling bins on a map.

Statistics Module

  • Allows manual entering of ‘visual’ measurements
  • Recording of measurements taken in the field by means of PDAs
  • Algorithms for the forecasting of fill levels
  • Bins which are assumed to be full are immediately included in the collection route.

Route Planning

  • Based on specific fill level
  • Based on waste type
  • The system includes a decision support component

Integration with fleet management system

The software installed at the control centre allows the manager responsible for collection to automatically receive data from both recycling points and vehicles, aiding efficient planning of the waste collection route.

Our XTraN and Ecogest systems can operate either independently or integrated with each other.

In the case of an integrated system, a single user interface is used to provide information on both recycling point and vehicle status.

Better results

  • Manage and control fill levels in real time
  • Optimisation of waste collection planning
  • Optimisation of human and material resources (people and vehicles) employed in the collection process
  • Eliminate empty collection journeys


  • Stimulate awareness for the need to separate waste for recycling, while avoiding bin overflow situations
  • Improved recyclable waste collection levels
  • A more eco-friendly solution

Greater efficiency

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction in vehicle mileage
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs


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