Incident Management

Anticipate risks by knowing ongoing incidents

The incident management module automatically receives alarms from vehicles or drivers and allows the manager to process them, according to the procedures established by the company.

It allows knowing the incidents in progress, how and who has solved them and to anticipate the risks, as well as to easily and quickly consult the record of the most common types of incidents and their resolution.

Some features

  • Visualize, analyze and treat the incidents that are being introduced in the system, either by alarms generated in the vehicles or  manually by the user
  • Consult the incidents in progress
  • Filter by type of incident
  • Create incidents manually
  • Handle the incident according to the guide of treatments
  • Write down the actions taken by the user in handling the incident
  • Monitoring of incidents handling
  • Elaboration of treatment statistics per employee and treatment times


  • Allows the user to perform a quick analysis and to take the necessary steps to deal with an incident
  • Monitoring the handling of incidents allows the optimization of processes and response times
  • All occurrences and their treatment are recorded for future analysis
  • Statistics per employee allow to adapt the training required and increase productivity


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