Service Planning and Optimization

Unforeseen events that change the planning

Sometimes unforeseen appear in the team and vehicles that require a change in the planning carried out.

The experience and knowledge of the employee who performs the planning manually are very difficult to obtain, but even this experience and knowledge are maybe not enough to optimize all services, guaranteeing the best service quality and the lowest cost.

Some features

  • Automatic assignment of services to different vehicles and fleet teams
  • Optimization and ordering of routes to comply with services and schedules
  • Importing locations with accurate automatic georeferencing
  • Choice of teams according to their skills
  • Parameterization of shifts and working hours
  • Choice of teams according to their geographical proximity
  • Visualization of services and routes to be taken
  • Graph with the services of each team and respective occupancy rate
  • Automatic detection of teams in better conditions to perform the services according to the creation of different rules
  • Future and real-time planning


  • Speed ​​and efficiency in the allocation of all services
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of kilometers traveled with badly assigned routes and services
  • Increased timetable compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Resource optimization


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