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Webservices Integration - Tecmic

Webservices Integration

With the webservice integration, get your applications to communicate with ours and maximize the return on your investment, optimizing its management.

The critical success factor for obtaining a better return on the use of our fleet management systems is the integration with your business management applications.

Tecmic offers open platforms that enable easy communication between your company’s applications and our fleet and service location and management systems.

Some features

  • Monitoring the status of services on your management application
  • History of the activity developed
  • GPS location associated with records made with the vehicle identification
  • Relevant economic information associated with the services performed: kilometers and fuel consumption
  • Sharing of the fleet’s operational data with other existing computer systems in the company:
    • Fleet data location and georeferencing
    • Travel and Service Management
    • Fuel consumption
    • Kilometers traveled


  • Increased productivity by sharing the information collected automatically
  • Greater availability and reliability of information collected and distributed by different computer systems
  • Easier and timely knowledge of vehicle information in your management system
  • Enables greater transparency, reliability and value of company data
  • Reduction of costs and increase in income obtained


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  • Costs and Maintenance
  • Drivers and Driving
  • Efficient Fleet Management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fleet Security
  • Mobility, Team Management
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