Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Prevent cargo damages in real time

If transporting degradable goods, an adequate temperature is essential to ensure that the products are delivered in the best conditions to the destination.

With this system, you can have total remote control over the temperature, ensuring that transport is carried out according to the defined rules.

Some features

  • Multiple load temperature control zones
  • Configuration of alarms by the user
  • Temperature reports by customer, delivery points and route
  • Export of transport temperature information


Greater satisfaction and security for your customers

Ensure the maximum satisfaction of your customers, delivering the goods in the best conditions and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Avoid losses due to damaged cargo

Real-time alerts allow you to act quickly and avoid losses due to damaged goods.

Responding to customer complaints

If complaints arise, you can always provide your customers with a detailed report of the temperature records made on that route.


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