How to reduce fuel consumption?

Our eco-driving programs, implemented by our clients through our modern fleet management solutions, are a topic that we believe to be of your interest since they have a clear impact on fuel cost reductions and safety increase of fleets, drivers and transported goods.

For Tecmic, eco-driving impacts in three key areas:

  • Economy
  • Road safety
  • Ecology

Focused on these three aspects we have developed our eco-driving solution, present nowadays in our products:

  • XTraN – Professional fleet management
  • iZiTraN – Online fleet management
  • XTraN Passenger – Support Systems for Passenger Transport operations

Its implementation is based on three pillars:

  • Collection of reliable data from the vehicles through electronic devices developed by Tecmic
  • Elaboration of complete reports on energy efficiency and driving behavior of each driver
  • Training of drivers based on data drawn from the system

The vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer that, via the Can-Bus connection, collects indicators such as:

  • Events of excess of revolutions (RPM)
  • Total run time of the engine
  • Driving duration in cruise control
  • Driving times above, between and below the power band (ideal RPM range)
  • Duration of freewheel and idle driving
  • Variation levels in the fuel tank

Based on the reports produced by our applications, which contain the aforementioned data, our customers can receive training in driving styles, rational use of gear boxes, calculation of the average fuel consumption and interpretation of energy efficiency reports, that result in an average reduction of more than 1 liter of fuel for every 100 km travelled!

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